Beautiful days

How is a beautiful day?

What is a beautiful day for you ?
Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.
      A beautiful day, can be a day that is full of mistakes, because once time passes those mistakes turns to such funny memories. A beautiful day, can also be the day where everything is normal and nothing does wrong. It can also be a day, where you have fun and goes meeting all your friends, hanging out there and here laughing and talking. A wonderful day, can be that day where you spend your precious time with that special person, cuddling, having fun and even arguing. For some, it can also be a day where they try, discover, or learn new things.
    Why can’t our days always be beautiful days, why are those days so few and rare, why do we have to suffer always, that what everyone always think, but actually if we always eat honey we will forget the taste of the bitter lemon and at some point we will get tiered of that sweet delicious honey
– For me a beautiful day, is that day where is that day where i take my pen to entertain you  – How about you? can you tell me how was that beautiful day in your memory ?